Delivering the unexpected since 1986


John Humphreys’ emotional attachment to refined design and the vast, unbridled architectural aesthetic of West Texas initially sprouted as a child, growing up in a mid-century style home designed by Willard, a protegee of Frank Lloyd Wright. Obsessed with the wooden fixtures and 20-foot walls of glass, he would spend days in the yard stenciling the angular intricacies of his home in a dog-eared sketchbook, much to his father’s bemusement.

Willard home in Ganado, TX

Later, as a teenager, life in Austin would set the scene for John’s rogue carpentry pursuits where he curiously tore apart and rebuilt everything he could get his hands on. Breathing new life into discarded objects and raw materials was an intuitively led pastime that would evolve into a passion and eventually unfold into a profession.

West Texas ancestry.

Humphreys' brand story began with a chair that opened like a book. Made from reclaimed Native Texas Pecan, and crafted locally in Dripping Strings, Texas, the chair served as a decorative destination made for any space: from the prairie lands of Texas to the rooftops of Brooklyn.


Humphrey chairs.

The Humphrey chair found an enraptured audience and industry acclaim, allowing John’s vision to look beyond the frontier. He stealthfully developed his creative credentials, choreographing the interiors of hospitality projects and private residences, as well as expanding his lifestyle essentials line.

Tinkerer-in-chief, John, in the Humphrey chair for the Houston Chronicle (Shot by Michael Starghill, Jr.).

Today, Humphreys has evolved from a singular chair into a dynamic design studio with a bold mission to build carefully considered objects and structures that are resolute in their construction and timeless in their design.