Our founder, John Humphreys, grew up in a small town in East Texas called El Campo, surrounded by cotton fields and farmland.  With a family background in farming and agriculture, John grew up on Texas land and developed a love of adventure and travel.

He became enamored with the explorers of generations past, who paved the way through untraversed terrain, across rivers, and up mountains – opening up pathways for the adventurous soul to see what was previously only dreamed of.

These intrepid explorers went where no man had gone before, and they did it with quality gear that could withstand the elements and unpredictability of nature.

With the concept of exploration without boundaries entrenched in his mind, Humphreys founded the Texas Rover Company in 2011 with the goal of creating quality goods for the modern adventurer with an appreciation for the past.  The name is a nod to Humphreys home state, where all products are crafted by hand and made to roam… to travel the world, to be lived with and loved, to rove. 

The word rove is symbolic of exploration and discovery, of an uncharted landscape, and its definition, to wander without a set course or destination, emphasizes the notion that the journey itself is the destination.

Each piece crafted by Texas Rover Company is made with an eye towards quality over quantity, and the intention of lasting a lifetime. 

These are heirloom pieces to be passed down from one to another, to be a part of adventures and lives for generations to come. Above all else, John’s vision for Texas Rover Company revolves around the people; the ones who are enjoying the products, incorporating them into their lives, putting into the car for a weekend getaway, bags and boots in tow, or setting up around a crackling fire, laughing and telling stories as the moon and stars light the sky above.  After all, isn’t that what adventure is all about? The people – the ones you travel with, and the ones you meet along the way.

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