Past Work


Humphreys created the indoor-outdoor seating vision for The Meteor Cafe on South Congress, one of Austin’s most treasured watering holes.

Solid, simple, and made for socializing, Humphreys' monumental long banquette flanks with a slatted back and articulated feet make up the indoor seating area. Outside, Humphreys embellished the laid-back mood with a strong weather-bearing wooden block with natural edges, adding steel feet with a concrete base for functionality. 

Link to past work and projects, with image of custom woodwork for The Meteor in Austin, Texas.

Meteor Interior Custom Bench

Custom Spanish Cedar Outdoor Bench at The Meteor Cafe in Austin, Texas

Meteor Outdoor Bench


Blending nature, design, and community, Humphreys contributed to the outdoor sanctuary for some of the suite's balcony sofas, as well as built custom outdoor benches at Hotel Magdalena’s Summer House restaurant. The commissioned series of wide wooden benches made of Spanish Cedar inspire alfresco dining and informal gatherings.

Custom Wood Bench Built For Summer House at Hotel Magdalena

Summer House restaurant benches at Hotel Magdalena. (Credit: @TheHonestTruth)

Custom Wood Bench Built For The Suite Balconies at Hotel Magdalena

Terrace suite bench in Spanish cedar on balcony of suites at Hotel Magdalena. (Credit: Nick Simonte)


Humphreys embarked on an ambitious two-year project to renovate a1970s abode in South Austin. The Humphreys design stamp can be seen in meticulous bathroom details, exceptional joinery in the made-to-order furniture, show-stopping steel windows, and photogenic pool and grilling area.

Living room with made-to-order custom Humphreys Sofa and Skye Lamp

Living room with Humphreys sofa and Skye lamp.

Exterior design and construction work of South Austin residential project.

Exterior with custom wood trim and steel window work.

S. 5 RESIDENCE - Austin, TX

Bringing traditional craftsmanship to a domestic setting, Humphreys created two custom woodwork items for a South Austin residential project. A vanity cabinet carved out of pecan and a functional vanity with breathable slats to allow for efficient A/C airflow.

Custom woodwork building a solid pecan vanity for a residential project

Bathroom sink vanity with storage.

Custom woodwork building a bathroom vanity with air ventilation

Bathroom armoire.

HOTEL EMMA - San Antonio, TX

Humphreys worked with Hotel Emma in the "Pearl" district of San Antonio, equipping each of their suites with the studio's signature Humphrey chair.

Humphrey chair in tumbled brown leather and pecan wood at Hotel Emma suite

Our signature Humphrey chair, aging perfectly in the Hotel Emma suites.

Carbon steel bracket detail of the Humphrey chair

A Z-bracket made of carbon steel with naval brass screws allows for the Humphrey chair to be folded for storage and transport.


Humphreys reconfigured the intimate spaces at Hotel St. Cecilia, a hip Victorian-era boutique hotel in Austin where privacy is priceless. Humphreys created an air of intrigue with delicately reeled glass steel windows and one-of-a-kind room dividers for the bedrooms.

Hotel St. Cecilia steel room dividers, custom steel windows for design & cosntruction

Suite steel room divider with frosted glass.

Custom steel windows that divide the living and bedroom spaces at Hotel St. Cecilia

Reeded glass detail in Hotel St. Cecilia suites.